Rules & FAQ

Rules & FAQ

What’s new in SOPA 2021 Awards?

SOPA Awards adds the Award for Young Journalists category which is open to journalists, aged 30 or below, who have shown exceptional talent and commitment in their coverage. The award will be given in English (across Global and Regional/Local groups) and Chinese.

Starting from 2021, the SOPA Award for Excellence in Magazine Design will be given only in English (across Global and Regional/Local groups) and Chinese.

Entrants should note that the Excellence in Reporting Breaking News category is to honor work that demonstrates high standards of reporting breaking news under deadline pressure. Work that covers developing and/or unexpected events such as natural disasters or political unrests should be entered into this category.

Each publication may submit a maximum of TWO entries per category (each entry may have up to three articles) except in the following categories: SOPA Award for Public Service Journalism, SOPA Award for Young Journalists and Excellence in Magazine Design. In those categories, each publication may submit only ONE entry.

NO REFUNDS will be made once entries have been submitted.

SOPA Awards Rules (2021) English
SOPA Awards FAQ (Feb 19 2021) English

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Additional Rules/FAQ:

Why the need for the Editor’s contact details?
It has sometimes arisen that individual employees, whether from within a publishing group or as freelancers, apply for an award without knowledge of the editor. The rules for the Awards stipulate that entries must be on behalf of a publication, not an individual entry. All entrants will be required to provide the editor’s name, email address and telephone contact number acknowledging that the editor is aware of the submission.


All entries must be submitted through the SOPA 2021 Awards website ( Entries by email or mail will not be accepted.